TeamDynamix - How To Report Effort on a Service (not ticket or project effort)



Following these steps will add time to a Service for Effort Reporting.


  • TeamDynamix Version 11.9

Before You Begin

  • Sign in to TDX at (link)
  • Select Users
  • Open Time and Expense to view Time Report


  1. On the Time Report page, locate your team name
  2. Click +Workspace time
  3. Add Time Entry will open in a new window
  4. Select your team from the Project/Workspace dropdown menu
  5. Choose the appropriate Time Type from the dropdown menu
  6. Enter appropriate hours for the dates provided
  7. Add comments as necessary
  8. Select Save
  9. You're done! You've added time to the Service for Effort Reporting.

Additional Info

  • Link to printable job aids: TDX - ER Job Aids (link)
  • Reporting effort to a service is similar to operational effort. Future iterations of effort reporting will break down operational details as needed.
  • You can also edit the effort on a service on the Time Report page by directly clicking on the hours entered.
  • Empty boxes are not editable on the Time Report page.
  • Video on effort reporting: TDX - ER Demo v1.2 (link)
  • Definitions, Expectations, FAQ (link, KB 1973)



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