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What Is the Service?

MSU Print is the centrally supported printing solution for MSU students. More than 6.5 million pages are printed each year in computer labs, classrooms, and online. Read more about getting started with MSU Print.


If printing from a computer in the lab, your print job will come off the local printer assigned to that lab.
If using your laptop, log into MSU Print with your MSU NetID credentials, and then go to the “Web Print” section of the application.


Page prints can be purchased by credit card, Spartan Cash, and student receivable accounts. Current rates can be found on

Service Level Info

This service is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with regularly scheduled maintenance periods. Service requests are acknowledged within 48 hours. When a request is made, an expected fulfillment date is provided and sent to the individual requesting the service.

Special Considerations

Not all printing options are available on all printers.  Double-sided printing counts as two pages.

Request Computer Use and Printing for an Event Request MSUPrint Service Request an MSUPrint Credit

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This article provides general information on how to print an 11x17 formatted Tabloid document to a color printer when logged in to a machine in a Computer Classroom. (Tabloid printing is not available using web print).
MSU has 3D printing available through the Hollander MakeCentral MakerSpace. This is a link to their webpage and contact information.
Following these steps will add money to your MSU printing account, which will allow you to print using the many printers located around campus.
Select locations around campus have Spartan card ID readers on the MSUPRINT printers. This article details how to use them to release print jobs.


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Service Offerings (3)

Computer Use and Printing for an Event
Request computer use and printing for an event.
MSU Print Service
Request MSU Print Service
MSUPrint Credit
Use this form to apply for a credit request for MSU Print printing problems.