MSU's Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources

Access to and usage of MSU information technology resources entails certain expectations and responsibilities for our users. The array of institutional electronic business systems, computing services, networks, databases, and other resources MSU owns and provides are intended primarily to support the mission and business functions of the university. Any other use should be incidental in nature.

It is your responsibility to ensure that use of your MSU NetID or the MSU IT environment does not violate MSU's Acceptable Use Policy. Unacceptable use of your MSU NetID and its related services may result in the suspension of your e-mail and/or network privileges.

Some of the more common unacceptable uses are the sharing of copyrighted files from your computer, interference with the campus network, or failure to prevent the spread of viruses from your connected computer.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding the changes and compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


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