Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Delegate Scheduling Rights in Zoom

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Following these steps will enable another account to schedule Zoom meetings on your behalf.


Zoom Web Conferencing

Before You Begin

Any given Zoom account can only have one Zoom meeting or webinar running or scheduled in the same time block. Accounts can be given access to schedule on behalf of other accounts, however. This allows, for example, an assistant to schedule simultaneous meetings for multiple people they support.


To give scheduling permissions to a delegate

The person delegating scheduling rights must:

  1. Log in to msu.zoom.us
  2. Go to Settings, and
  3. Add the delegate to Assign scheduling privileges to.

To use delegated scheduling permissions

To schedule a meeting for someone that has given you access to do so:

  1. Open the local Zoom client
  2. Click Schedule
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the schedule screen and click Advanced Options
  4. Click the Schedule for checkbox
  5. Do the rest of the meeting scheduling as normal

Additional Info

This video details how to assign scheduling permissions, and how that person can then use those permissions to do the scheduling.

Zoom support has an article on the process here as well.

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