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Articles related to Zoom and how it is used at MSU

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Avaya Aura Messaging - General Information about the Voicemail System

The Avaya Aura Messaging system is a new voicemail platform that offers Unified Messaging, Reach Me, Notify Me and many other new features.

Avaya Campus PBX - Dialing Instructions for On and Off Campus Calls

This article contains instructions on dialing your campus phone.

Avaya Campus PBX - General Information About the Telephone System

This article contains information related to the Avaya campus PBX telephone system.

Cisco WebEx - Using WebEx for Meetings in the Minskoff Pavillion

This article links to a couple resources related to the use of WebEx in the Minskoff Pavillion.

Educational Technology Training - COM Video Conferencing Rooms

This article provides a list of rooms that are configured to use the COM video conferencing infrastructure.

Educational Technology Training - Polycom HDX Quick Tips

This article provides Polycom quick tips.

Headsets to Use with MSU Avaya Telephones

The Unified Communications Team currently recommends two vendors for the purchase of headsets that are compatible with their Avaya telephones.

Motorola Radio Handsets - General Information about Handheld Radios at MSU

This article contains information related to handheld radios on MSU's campus.

Telecom - Extension and Password Requirements for Avaya Workplace

Gives details on what to enter for your extension and password when using Avaya Workplace

Telecom - General Information About Assistive Listening Devices

This article provides information on assistive listening devices.

Telecom - General Information About Avaya Workplace (Softphone Software)

This article contains information related to Avaya Workplace, the softphone software solution MSU uses via Avaya.

Telecom - General Information about EC-500 Extension to Cellular

EC-500 is a feature that allows users to control how they receive the calls that come to their Avaya Campus PBX telephone. By enabling the EC-500 feature, calls can ring on the users' desk telephone and on their cellular telephone simultaneously.

Telecom - General Information About N-Focus Call Reporting

This article provides an overview and how to request N-Focus.

Telecom - General Information about Telecom Billing

MSU IT Telecom Services billing varies depending on the services performed.

Telecom - General Information About the Telecom Self-Service Portal

This article provides information about Telecom Self-Service Portal.

Telecom - General Information About Video and Audio Conferencing and Recording Services

This article provides an overview of video and conferencing and recording service available at Michigan State University.

Telecom - General Information About Voicemail

This article provides an overview of the Avaya Aura Messaging System

Telecom - General Information for Pinnacle Billing

This article will serve as a guide for troubleshooting and general knowledge.

Telecom - Links to Phone User Guides for Standard Model Phones at MSU

Links to User Guides and Quick Reference Guides for various phone models used across campus.

Telecom - Links to Service Guides

This article contains a list of telecommunication services available.

Telecommunication - Audio Conferencing Options at MSU

This article provides information on audio-conferencing services options to allow individuals to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Telecommunication - Avaya Call Recording (aka Encore, by DVS Analytics)

This article contains information related to recording calls with the Avaya phone system.

Telecommunication - Campus Information and Directory

This article contains information related to MSU's campus information and directory services.

Telecommunication - Emergency Resources Toolkit

This article describes an overview of the various ways for campus departments to contact employees

Telecommunication - General Information About Automatic call distribution (ACD)

This article provides an overview of automatic call distribution (ACD) and how to request consultation for automatic call distribution (ACD).

Telecommunication - General Information About Emergency 911 (E-911)

This article contains information related to E-911.

Telecommunication - General Information About Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

This article provides an overview of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and how to request this service.

Telecommunication - Telecommunication Training

This article provides information about training guides to Telecommunication Services.

Educational Technology Training - How To Make Video Conference Calls into Rooms Using the COM Gatekeeper From Outside MSU's Network

This article describes how to make video conference calls using COM Gatekeepers from outside the MSU Network.

Educational Technology Training - How To Start and Stop Video Using a Polycom Real Presence Groups Video Conferencing System

This article describes how to start and stop video using a Polycom real presence groups.

Telecommunication - How To Videos for Telephone Instructions

This article contains video instructions on how to use some telephone features.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Delegate Scheduling Rights in Zoom

If you want someone else to be able to schedule Zoom meetings on your behalf, you have to grant them rights to do so. This article shows how.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Find the Password to my Zoom Meeting

If a Zoom meeting has a password enabled, someone may have trouble locating it. This article gives some places to look.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Set a Password on an Existing Zoom Meeting

If someone has an existing scheduled meeting and needs to add a password to it, this article details how. The change to require passwords for new meetings will not set this for already existing meetings.

Avaya Agent Error: “License server unreachable. License has expired. Using grace period.”

This message is because the Avaya Agent for Desktop application cannot connect to the licensing server. The user can use the software with this message for 30 days before connecting to the license server.

Educational Technology Training - A205C Conference Phone Not Dialing Out

This article provide the process for handling A205C conference phone not dialing out.

Telecom - "Certificate Warning" Can be Safely Ignored

Warning on phones can be accepted/ignored: "certificate warning" expires 2022-01-10:T21:41:17 SLA monitor server Issuer MSU SMGR CA serial number 4F04dd2728#5A0B4

Telecom - Calls Not Ringing Through From EC500 to a Cell Phone

Cell phones can be set to silence or block all numbers that do not show up in its contacts or recents. This will affect all calls coming from EC500, which show up as restricted.

Telecom - Resolving Common Problems with Avaya IX Workplace

For customers who are using the Avaya IX Workplace application and are having issues receiving calls, or having constant messages of "Lost connection to the server", this guide shows how to pull down the application configuration updates.