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Pinned Article Zoom Web Conferencing - Basics of Zoom at MSU

This article links to the needed articles to get started with Zoom at MSU, from creating and accessing your account to getting started with your first meetings and more.

Access to Zoom and Office 365 After Active Status Ends

Eligibility for access to certain services such as Zoom and Microsoft Office 365 ends when paid employment ends.

General Information About Zoom Rooms in Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom Rooms is a service offered by Zoom which brings incredibly flexible video and audio conferencing, wireless content sharing, and calendar integrations to a variety of meeting spaces.

Zoom Web Conferencing - General Information about Zoom Webinars

This article provides general information on Zoom Webinars.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Online Learning Resources

Zoom has reached out to universities across the country in order to provide resources and support to instructors wishing to leverage Zoom in a virtual learning environment.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Optional Paid Services Available

MSU offers paid services that users can add to their accounts to have optimized access that is not offered for free.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Preventing Zoombombing (Intentional Disruptions or Intrusions of Zoom Meetings)

Zoom meetings can be protected against unwanted screen sharing, or Zoombombing. This article details how.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Recording Meetings

Meetings can be recorded and then watched later as needed.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Scheduling and Joining Meetings

Links to basic how to instructions for Zoom Web Conferencing meetings.

Zoom Web Conferencing - What Does MSU's License Provide?

MSU's Zoom license provides Zoom Pro Meeting ("zoom meetings") and Zoom Webinar 1000 ("webinars"). Some differences are described in this article.

Zoom Web Conferencing - What Settings Are On or Off by Default in MSU Zoom

This article lays out what settings are turned on or off by default for MSU's version of Zoom.

Educational Technology Training - How to Call a Polycom Room System from the Zoom Desktop Application

This knowledge base article explains how to add a Polycom room system/endpoint to a Zoom Conference.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Default MSU Zoom Data Routing Control and How To Change It

This article details the routing control that MSU has enabled by default, what impact that has, and how to change the routing if desired.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Create Your MSU Account for Zoom

Following these steps will create an account for MSU Zoom Web Conferencing.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Download the Client

Following these links will download and install the local Zoom client on your windows or macOS device.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Enable Live Captions and Transcripts

Following these steps will enable Zoom Live Transcripts, which allows for real-time captions during Zoom meetings and generates a transcript when the meeting ends.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Enable or Restrict Screen Sharing

Following these steps will change who is allowed to share their screen during a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Enable Participants To Share Their Screens In Breakout Rooms

A meeting host may want participants to be able to share their screens during breakout sessions as well as the main meeting. This article covers enabling the option and using it in a meeting.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Log in to Zoom Using the Web Version or the Installed Desktop Version

This article covers how to log in to Zoom step by step, along with screenshots.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How To Switch to HIPAA-Compliant Mode

Following these steps will switch your MSU Zoom account to one that is HIPAA-compliant.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to Use the Import CSV feature for Webinar Registrants

Managing large numbers of registrants can be difficult. Importing from a .csv file can make it easier. However, this cannot be done for recurring webinars.