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Zoom is a cloud-based solution for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and online meetings and Webinars. Zoom offers plenty of options for users to change their settings and customize their account to allow for the optimal usage of your Zoom account. This document will discuss features that users can change and how to access blocked settings.

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Settings that are on by default

All the listed features are turned on but can be turned off to the users liking.

Meetings Tab

  • Require a passcode for Personal Meeting ID
  • Generate Webinar Passcodes
  • Allow the host to add co-hosts
  • Allow who can screen share as well as turn screen share on/off
  • Allow annotation tools
  • Allow whiteboard
  • Allow users to rename themselves
  • All host to have closed captions
  • Allow virtual backgrounds
  • Notify host/participants when a schedule meetings is canceled

Recording Tab

  • Turn on/ off local recording
  • Viewers can see the transcript

Audio Conferencing

  • Show international numbers link on email invitations
  • 3rd party audio can join

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Settings that are not on by default

All the listed features below are off but can be changed to the users liking.

Meeting Tab

  • Waiting room and waiting room options
  • Embed a passcode with a one click join
  • Only authenticated users can join
  • Turn host video on when meeting starts
  • Start meetings with participants camera on
  • Allow users to join before host
  • Mute all joined participants
  • Receive notifications for upcoming meetings
  • Turn private chat on/off
  • Auto save chats
  • Allow host to add polls during a meeting
  • Allow breakout rooms
  • Request permission to unmute

Recording Tab

  • Turn on cloud recording
  • Allow cloud record sharing
  • Allow automatic recording

Audio Conferencing

  • Call Me and Invite by Phone
  • Toll-free and Fee-based Toll Call

Any features that you want to use regarding Toll-free and Fee-based Toll Call (link) can be turned on but this is a paid service. To access/learn more about toll fee and prices/charges please contact the help desk.

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Blocked Settings

While settings are set to default Zoom has some features that are blocked. These settings will say “Only IT admin can make changes for this setting.” Blocked features can be turned off and on by request. This can be done by submitting a ticket to the help desk.

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3rd Party Apps

If any users are interested in using Zoom 3rd party apps to have access they should contact the Service Desk.

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Zoom Updates

It is important to note that Zoom is constantly updating features for users to use. Additional features can be released by Zoom any time. Documentation will be updated as soon as possible for new features. Any question regarding new features releases should be directed to the Service Desk.

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