Zoom Web Conferencing - What Does MSU's License Provide?


What does MSU's Zoom license provide?


MSU's Zoom license provides Zoom Pro Meeting ("zoom meetings") and Zoom Webinar 1000 ("webinars"). What is the difference? In general:

  • Zoom meetings are better for interactive settings where most attendees are expected to actively participate
  • Webinars are better for more controlled circumstances where only a small subset of the attendees will present
  • A brief overview of their features follows below. For a full rundown of the differences between the features of each option, please see the Zoom Support Page (link)


Zoom Pro Meeting

Zoom Pro Meeting allows the meeting host to have up to 300 users in a virtual meeting room with unlimited session duration. The service also gives options to:

  • Record meeting sessions locally
  • Share screens
  • Annotate live meeting sessions
  • Personalize sessions or encourage group collaboration with break out rooms

For more information on Zoom Pro Meeting, please visit the Zoom Support Page (support.zoom.us)


Zoom Webinar 1000

Zoom Webinar 1000 includes all the services available to Zoom Pro Meeting users on a larger scale.

  • Zoom Webinar 1000 can host up to 1000 attendees in an unlimited duration session
  • Up to 100 panelists, including the host, have full access to all the tools and features available in Zoom Pro Meetings
  • Webinar attendees can interact with the host and panelists through:
    • chat,
    • polling, or
    • question and answer options
  • Zoom Webinar also includes a registration feature and enhanced reporting dynamics
  • For more information on Zoom Webinar 1000, please visit the Zoom Support Page (support.zoom.us)

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