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A Submission Folder is sometimes referred to as a dropbox. Follow these steps to create one for your course in D2L.
Following these steps will change the grading scale on a D2L course to be on a standard 4.0 scale.
Following these steps will merge two courses together in D2L, leaving only one course remaining.
Following these steps will pin a course to your homepage in D2L, causing it to always show up on that page.
Intended for Instructors, following these steps will set up a method for students in a D2L course to submit and peer-review their work as a group.
An instructor may want to print out a classlist showing all the students in a particular course. This can be accomplished by exporting from the Gradebook.
It is possible to create a MS Teams site for a course. It does not pass activity and grade information back and forth to D2L, but offers an alternative space for the course material
Following these steps will change the End Date for a course in D2L, affecting when students will be able to see and access it.
Following these steps will allow you to view feedback given on your D2L quiz attempt.
Following these steps will make quiz feedback visible to the student that submitted the attempt.
Following these steps will compose and send an email to either the entire classlist for the course, or to the students you individually select.
Following these steps will add users to a given course in D2L.
This goes over some of the basics of D2l Gradebooks, including terminology.
Following these steps will change the role of a selected individual within a D2L course.