D2L - How To Publish Already Existing Quiz Scores to the Gradebook


Following these steps will publish existing scores from a quiz in D2L to the Gradebook for the course.



Before You Begin

This process will only send existing scores to the Gradebook. If you want to have all subsequent scores on this quiz to automatically go to the Gradbook, see the instructions in KB 817 (link).


  1. Go to Assessments > Quizzes
  2. Select the down arrow next to the quiz and select Grade
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure you have 200 students per page set in the drop down
  4. Scroll back up and select the icon in the far right column next to the word published
  5. Select Save and Close
  6. Finally, make sure the grades have published by going to Assessments > Grades > Enter Grades to make sure grades are listed in the grade item for the quiz

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