Offerings that relate to the management of academic course materials (e.g., videos, documents, spreadsheets) and that facilitate teaching and learning using online portals. Includes learning management systems and other learning platforms, as well as services that provide on-demand, usually modular skills-based learning to employees and/or students.

Articles (57)

Access and Troubleshooting Guide for WebWork

This article provides access and troubleshooting information about WebWork

D2L - Best Practice and How To Resolve Quiz Issues in D2L

It is best to clear cache/cookies before taking a quiz in D2L. If you have a problem during a quiz, closing and re-launching your browser is the quickest fix.

D2L - Gradebook Basics

This goes over some of the basics of D2l Gradebooks, including terminology.

D2L - Integrating Zoom into D2L with Zoom LTI

Zoom LTI is a way to integrate Zoom into D2L to make it easier to tie coursework to Zoom meetings and webinars.

D2L - Links to Brightspace Pulse Application for D2L

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that can help learners stay connected and on track with their courses in Brightspace Learning Environment. It provides one easy view of course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and announcements.

D2L - Microsoft Teams Integration for Creating a Teams Site for a Course

It is possible to create a MS Teams site for a course. It does not pass activity and grade information back and forth to D2L, but offers an alternative space for the course material

ELI Review - General Information About ELI Review

This document details basic help and instructions for ELI Review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Training in Ability LMS

An excellent FAQ (SharePoint link) is maintained in collaboration with the Ability team and the training program owners.

LaTex - General Information About LaTex

This article provides redirect support information for the LaTex typesetting system.

Links to PlayPosit Training and Information

PlayPosit is integrated with D2L and Kaltura MediaSpace. These links go to instructional videos and training how to use PlayPosit.

My Course is Not Showing On My D2L Homepage

There are a few reasons why a course you are registered for might not show on your D2L homepage. This article covers the most likely scenarios.

D2L - How to Add Users to a Classlist

Following these steps will add users to a given course in D2L.

D2L - How to Change the End Dates for a Course

Following these steps will change the End Date for a course in D2L, affecting when students will be able to see and access it.

D2L - How to Create Submission Folders - For Instructors

A Submission Folder is sometimes referred to as a dropbox. Follow these steps to create one for your course in D2L.

D2L - How to Email the Students in Your D2L Course - For Instructors

Following these steps will compose and send an email to either the entire classlist for the course, or to the students you individually select.

D2L - How to Merge Courses

Following these steps will merge two courses together in D2L, leaving only one course remaining.

D2L - How to Pin A Course to Your Homepage

Following these steps will pin a course to your homepage in D2L, causing it to always show up on that page.

D2L - How To Publish Already Existing Quiz Scores to the Gradebook

Following these steps will publish existing scores from a quiz in D2L to the Gradebook for the course.

D2L - How To Restore a Missing Course Admin Button in a D2L Course

This article covers how to restore a missing Course Admin button in a D2L course.

D2L - How to Set Up Group Submissions for Students to Peer-Review Their Work - For Instructors

Intended for Instructors, following these steps will set up a method for students in a D2L course to submit and peer-review their work as a group.

How to Add or Update SCORM/xAPI Objects in D2L - For Instructors

Following these steps will add or update a SCORM/xAPI object to a course in D2L.

How to Allow Popups for D2L from Popular Browsers

Following these steps will enable D2L to send popup windows to your browser, which may be necessary for certain course content.

How to Attach a File to a Topic in a Group Forum in D2L

Following these steps will enable you to attach a file to a topic in a group forum in D2L

How to Change Roles in a D2L Course

Following these steps will change the role of a selected individual within a D2L course.

How to Change the Grade Scale to 4.0 on a D2L Course - For Instructors

Following these steps will change the grading scale on a D2L course to be on a standard 4.0 scale.

How to Copy Components from One Course to Another in D2L - For Instructors

An instructor may want to re-use certain course modules that they have created in previous semesters. This article guides through how to accomplish that.

How to Create or Remove a Development Course or Community in D2L - For Instructors

This document gives the steps a Course Administrator would need to take to create or remove a development course or community

How to Enable Email Forwarding from D2L to Spartan Mail

By default, emails from D2L are only sent to internal D2L email addresses. Users must opt-in to forward D2L emails to their MSU Spartan Mail accounts

How to Export or Print a List of Students in a D2L Course - For Instructors

An instructor may want to print out a classlist showing all the students in a particular course. This can be accomplished by exporting from the Gradebook.

How to Grant a Student Special Access to Take a Quiz in D2L - For Instructors

Following these steps will grant special access to take a quiz outside of the standard times and/or attempts allowed.

How to Hide or Show Content in D2L - For Instructors

Following these steps will hide or make visible selected content in a D2L course so that students can view it and potentially interact with it.

How to Make Quiz Feedback Visible to Students - For Instructors

Following these steps will make quiz feedback visible to the student that submitted the attempt.

How To Manage Quiz Questions in D2L

This article provides links to available training resources regarding managing questions in D2L quizzes.

How to Re-Grade Quiz Questions in D2L

Following these steps will revise the scores given on questions in a quiz in D2L

How to Remove a Quiz Attempt in D2L - For Instructors

Following these steps will remove a quiz attempt from a student in a D2L course, potentially allowing them to submit another attempt if time still permits.

How to Request iThenticate Access

Following these steps will submit a request to add iThenticate access to an account.

How to Restore a Deleted Assignment from a D2L Course - For Instructors

This article details how to restore an assignment that has been deleted from a course in D2L

How to Submit a Quiz Attempt Already in Progress in D2L - For Instructors

It may become necessary for an instructor is submit a quiz attempt in progress for one or more of their students. This document details how they can do so.

How to Submit Final Grades to the Registrar's Office from D2L

Following these steps will submit final grades from a class to the Registrar's Office.

How to View Quiz Feedback - For Students

Following these steps will allow you to view feedback given on your D2L quiz attempt.

Respondus - How to Get Live Chat Support from Respondus Directly

Live chat help is available within LockDown Browser when using the webcam proctoring feature (sometimes called Respondus Monitor). Chat agents can assist you with pre-exam issues related to the webcam and microphone.

D2L Alerts and Messages Shows "Not Authorized" and D2L Email is Not Accessible

This message is caused by an existing pending attempt on a quiz in D2L.

D2L Inbox Indicates Messages Are Available but None Are Showing

Sometimes filters may inadvertently hide messages. Removing the filter makes them visible.

Error: "Accurate Total is not Available with Given Settings" (D2L)

This error can affect courses where the gradebook is set to drop the lowest score from items that do not have the same point total.

Error: "Oops. File Could Not Be Submitted" When Trying to Upload a File in D2L

Special characters can break content in D2L and prevent you from uploading files if the filename contains them. Remove them to complete the upload.

Error: "There Was a Problem Processing Authentication, Either Username or Password Was Invalid or Your Account Does Not Exist" (D2L)

When you attempt to log in to D2L, you receive an error: "There Was a Problem Processing Authentication, Either Username or Password Was Invalid or Your Account Does Not Exist".

Error: "Unable to Sign In" When Logging in to D2L

This error is generally caused by an incorrect password.

Error: "Your Submitted Files Do Not Meet the File Restrictions for This Assignment . . ." (D2L) - For Students

Turnitin is only able to scan certain file types to check for similarity/plagiarism. This error is returned when the assignment has Turnitin enabled and the file does not meet its restrictions.

I Cannot Submit My Quiz in D2L

This article covers what to do if you have an active quiz attempt and you are not able to submit your answers successfully.

My Students Can't View My Graded Rubric in D2L - For Instructors

If Overall Score is not assessed, students will receive a blank page when clicking View Graded Rubric from within Grades.

Seeing a Blank Screen When Uploading an Assignment or Starting a New Thread/Reply in D2L

Sometimes when trying to upload an assignment or post a message, the screen appears to go blank, with a series of buttons across the top.

Unable to See a Rubric to Add in D2L - For Instructors

If an instructor is trying to add a rubric to an assessment and it does not show up, some settings may not be set correctly.

When Logged in to beSocratic it Only Shows Either a Blank Screen or Three Dots Cycling Over and Over

New users that haven't been added to a course in beSocratic may be able to log in, but will only see a blank white screen or three dots cycling with no indication of what is wrong.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Only Opens a White Screen on MacOS (D2L

The lockdown browser sometimes opens only a white page on a Mac and does not display the test. This article details some steps to resolve the issue.

Respondus - Cannot Move Past the Start Quiz Page on a Chromebook

If you are trying to use LockDown Browser for Chromebook with your D2L Brightspace exam, you'll first need to allow pop-ups for your D2L environment in the Chrome Browser.