D2L - How To Change Roles in a Course


Following these steps will change the role of a selected individual within a D2L course.



Before You Begin

You must be a Course Administrator to perform this process.


  1. Select Communication > Classlist
  2. Check the box next to the member whose enrollment you want to change
  3. Select the blue Enrollment link displayed above the classlist table
  4. Select the dropdown box --Select a New Role-- and select the new role desired
  5. Select the blue Save button to confirm the role change

Additional Info

For a full list of the roles that instructors can assign within D2L, please refer to the Available Roles and Permissions D2L Help Page (link).

For additional information on related topics, consider exploring MSU's Roles, Permissions, and Views D2L Help page. You can access it through: Roles, Permissions, and Views D2L Help page at MSU (link).

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