D2L - How to Automatically Publish Quiz Scores to the Gradebook


To set the quiz to be graded automatically and exported to the Gradebook.



Before You Begin

If the quiz already has students who have completed attempts the instructor will need to publish those scores to the Grade Book using the instructions in KB 1825 (link). The process below will NOT automatically publish scores that already exist.


  1. Go to Assessments > Quizzes
  2. Select the desired quiz
  3. Expand Evaluation & Feedback
  4. Select the checkbox next to Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion
  5. If you want the grades to automatically publish to the gradebook, you can select Not in Gradebook and Edit or Link to Existing and Link to an Existing Grade item, to choose the grade item. If there is none you can select Not In Gradebook, change it to Add to Gradebook, and a new grade item will automatically be created.
  6. You will then want to select the checkbox next to Synchronize to Gradebook on Publish under Evaluation & Feedback
  7. Select the blue Save and Close button.
  8. You're done!

Additional Info

If students submitted before the settings above are set, their submissions will need to be manually published.

  1. Go to Assessments > Quizzes
  2. Select the pulldown menu next to the quiz and select Grade
  3. Scroll to the bottom to make sure as many submissions as possible are on one page (maximum 200 per page)
  4. Scroll back to the top and select the checkbox above the list of students, next to Last Name and First Name.
  5. Select Publish, and select Yes, when prompted.
  6. Navigate to any additional pages and complete the above steps.
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