Hardware Support

Standard Equipment for MSU IT Staff

Whether you're remote, on-site or hybrid, the following basic equipment is offered:

  • One laptop/workstation device
  • Two external monitors
  • One docking station
  • One external keyboard and one external mouse.
  • (headsets and webcams are available on request)

Notes for Hybrid - equipment and space needs will be determined by number of days onsite.

  • If you are on-site 3-plus days, your primary equipment will be on-site and you will have a dedicated workstation.
  • If you are off-site 3-plus days, you may have your primary equipment at home or in your shared workstation on-site. (Note that shared spaces may also contain shared monitors.)
  • For example, if you work remotely 2 days a week, you may choose to take one or both monitors to your remote work location, or leave one on-site and one remote, or move them between locations as needed.

MSU IT Workstation Management Program

  • Each staff member is issued standard computing equipment to perform their work:
    • As part of the offboarding process, or if a workstation is being replaced, the workstation should be returned to the WMS team to re-distribute or decommission.
    • When a device is no longer covered by a warranty, it will be decommissioned.
    • MSU IT supports one workstation or laptop per employee, unless approved by the unit Director.
  • Computers and laptops are refreshed every four years - as inventory and staff needs are established, the WMS team will provide proactive plans for refreshing computers based on a 4-year lifecycle.
  • Managers may request exceptions based on need in consultation with the department Director.
  • Pro Tip: plan to pick up or drop off equipment in person. This ensures that a support professional can get you set up quickly and efficiently or can verify that you've successfully returned equipment. 
    • Shipping options may be available for staff with work locations over 20 miles from campus.

Benefits of the Workstation Management Program

  • Benefits of the Workstation Management Program include:
    • Sustainable, secure support for workstations and devices
    • Improved staff experience during annual computer refresh process
    • Streamlined process to allow one team to help set up and deliver devices as needed
    • More effective stewardship of computing resources using a common inventory
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