TeamDynamix - How To Report Effort on a Ticket


Following these steps will add time and effort for reporting to a ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX).


  • TeamDynamix Version 11.9

Before You Begin


  1. On the Time Report page, locate All Tickets
  2. Click on the ticket to be updated
    • The ticket will open in a new window
    • Within the ticket, select Actions and choose Update from the dropdown menu
    • Choose the appropriate Time Type from the dropdown menu
    • Enter Hours and Date
    • Add comments on the ticket as necessary
    • Select Save
  3. This will add the ticket to the Time Report page with the effort entered

Additional Info

  • You can also edit the effort on a ticket on the Time Report page by directly clicking on the hours entered. This is true for any entered effort.
  • Empty boxes are not editable on the Time Report page.
  • Tips on creating tickets:
    • When creating a ticket (link, KB 1791), you can add time immediately after submitting the ticket for creation right before viewing the ticket or creating a new one.
    • Workflow Recommendation: Only add time at this step if you will not be handling the ticket further. Consider the amount of time spent collecting information for the creation of the ticket, such as the length of a phone call or the time spent reading an email or chat. If you plan on immediately working with this ticket further, add time at an update step and consider this the start of the working session. Note that creating a task does not create a feed entry for calculating the start of a work session.
  • Tips on updating tickets:
    • When updating the ticket or ticket task, time entry is available under the new status. This is the easiest and most effective way to record effort to a ticket, as the description of the update becomes the description of the time entry, thus automatically logging the effort completed.
    • Workflow Recommendation: Comment on or update the ticket at the start of a work session, then update the ticket again at a stopping point during the session. This will allow you to more easily estimate how much time you spent on the ticket. Note that creating a task does not create a feed entry.
  • Though there are several other ways to record effort on a ticket, the steps outlined here are the simplest and most efficient.
  • Video on effort reporting: TDX - ER Demo v1.2 (link)
  • Definitions, Expectations, FAQ (link, KB 1973)
  • Link to printable job aids: TDX - ER Job Aids (link)
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