Practices, frameworks, and technologies that automate, improve efficiencies, and measure the effectiveness of business processes. Includes IT service management; ticket management; operations, business, sales, and marketing management platforms; document and signature management services; customer relationship management; job scheduling; and workflow management.

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Pinned Article TeamDynamix - Recommended Way to Search for Knowledge Articles

The recommended way to search for Knowledge Articles in the Knowledge Base is to use the search field in the top-right of the Client Portal.

TeamDynamix - Privacy Statement

This online privacy statement is intended to inform you of the ways in which this website ("Site") collects information, the uses to which that information will be put, and the ways in which we protect information you choose to provide us.

General Information About Transact Payments (formerly CashNet)

This article links to the main Transact Payments help page maintained by MSU staff.

Knowledge Management - Guidelines for Using Tags in Knowledge Articles in TeamDynamix

Details about tags in the Knowledge Base and how they should be used.

Knowledge Management - Style Guide for Knowledge Articles in TeamDynamix

This article gives guidance to how knowledge articles should be structured and written in the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Managment - Using Templates in Knowledge Articles in TeamDynamix

What templates are available to use in Knowledge Articles and how are they used?

TeamDynamix – Effort Reporting Definitions, Expectations and FAQs

This document provides an overview of key elements of Effort Reporting as well as new terminology and expectations to help ensure successful Effort Reporting engagement.

TeamDynamix - Ensuring Compliance with Ticket Response Service Level Agreement (SLA)

To ensure timely responses and maintain compliance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), it's essential to update the status of tickets promptly. This article provides a clear explanation of the Ticket Response SLA criteria and includes guidance on how to manage ticket statuses to avoid SLA violations.

TeamDynamix - How Articles are Ordered Within Categories in the Knowledge Base

Articles are ordered first by article type, then by the device / OS at issue, then alphabetically within those groups.

TeamDynamix - How Full Search Prioritizes Results in the Client Portal and Knowledge Base

TeamDynamix weights searches based on several criteria, which are described in this article.

TeamDynamix – IT Services Glossary of Terms

This glossary defines common terms used when interacting with service management processes and tools. It contains definitions from various sources and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of service management-related terminology.

TeamDynamix - Known Issues from the Vendor

This article includes known issues in the TeamDynamix work management solution (ITSM, ESM, PPM, and related integrations but not including iPaaS).

TeamDynamix - Operators Available to Modify Full Searches in the Client Portal and Knowledge Base

TeamDynamix allows certain operators to modify searches and refine results from the Client Portal and Knowledge Base. This article covers what is available for the Full Search option.

TeamDynamix - Support Group Standards

Standards for how Support Groups should be structured in TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix - Training Resources

TeamDynamix is live
To log into TeamDynamix (TDX) as an analyst, visit

Log in with your MSU NetID credentials
Select Users to go to the TDNext analyst portal
Select Client Portal for our customer interface and to request services or search the knowledge base
The direct link to the client portal is

TeamDynamix (TDX) - Ignore List for Emails Received into TeamDynamix

Emails sent with any of the conditions listed in this article will be prevented from creating a ticket in TeamDynamix. This is meant to sanitize inputs and prevent competing auto-replies from creating infinite loops in processing.

TeamDynamix (TDX) - Known Maintenance Windows

Lists out the known maintenance windows for TeamDynamix (TDX) from both the vendor and MSU IT.

Knowledge Management - How To Archive a Knowledge Article in TeamDynamix

When no longer needed, articles are archived to removed them from active view. They still remain in the system, but will not be broadly accessible to customers.

Knowledge Management - How To Create a Knowledge Article in TeamDynamix

This will guide you through the process of creating a new knowledge article in MSU IT's TeamDynamix system.

Knowledge Management - How To Edit a Knowledge Article in TeamDynamix

Following these steps will make changes to an existing knowledge article and either publish it directly or submit it for review and publishing.

Knowledge Management - How To Process a Knowledge Article Approaching its Review Date in TeamDynamix

All articles are subject to a six month review period. This article goes over the process of reviewing them at that time.

Promapp - How to Request Access to the Promapp Process Mapping Tool at MSU

Following these steps will complete the prerequisites for getting access to the Promapp process mapping tool used at MSU.

TeamDynamix - How To Download and Install the TDX Mobile App

Following these steps will download and install the TeamDynamix Mobile App to your device.

TeamDynamix - How To Edit Time on a Ticket

Following these steps will update the time entered on a ticket in the TeamDynamix system.

TeamDynamix - How To Report Effort on a Project

Following these steps will add time to a project for Effort Reporting.

TeamDynamix - How To Report Effort on a Ticket

Following these steps will add time and effort for reporting to a ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX).

TeamDynamix - How To Report Effort on Administrative Activities

Following these steps will add administrative time for Effort Reporting.

TeamDynamix - How To Report Out of Office Time

Following these steps will record your Out of Office time for Effort Reporting.

TeamDynamix - How To Request Adding a New Configuration Item to TeamDynamix

Following these steps will submit a request to add a new Configuration Item to TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix - How to Request Additional Permissions for a User

How to request additional permissions be added or removed for a user in TeamDynamix (TDX) using the access request form.

TeamDynamix - How To Select the Category for a Knowledge Article

Following the steps in this article will determine the category where a new knowledge article should be created.

TeamDynamix - Using the Briefcase

The Briefcase gives project team members the ability to add and share files and folders. Specifically, the briefcase allows for files to be uploaded to relative projects, portfolios, etc. without needing to create a ticket. By uploading to a project briefcase, for example, it become obvious the file is related to said project.

TeamDynamix (TDX) - How To Create a Ticket

Step-by-step Instructions of creating tickets in TeamDynamix

Transact Payments - Error Purchasing Items on iPhone Using Safari

This article provides a workaround for "An error has occurred. The problem has been logged for the system administrator."