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Following these steps will download and install the TeamDynamix Mobile App to your device.
Articles are ordered first by article type, then by the device / OS at issue, then alphabetically within those groups.
This article gives guidance to how knowledge articles should be structured and written in the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base.
When no longer needed, articles are archived to removed them from active view. They still remain in the system, but will not be broadly accessible to customers.
What templates are available to use in Knowledge Articles and how are they used?
Details about tags in the Knowledge Base and how they should be used.
Following these steps will submit a request to add a new Configuration Item to TeamDynamix
This will guide you through the process of creating a new knowledge article in MSU IT's TeamDynamix system.
Following these steps will make changes to an existing knowledge article and either publish it directly or submit it for review and publishing.
All articles are subject to a six month review period. This article goes over the process of reviewing them at that time.
Following these steps will add time to a project for Effort Reporting.
Following these steps will add administrative time for Effort Reporting.
Following these steps will add time and effort for reporting to a ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX).
This document provides an overview of key elements of Effort Reporting as well as new terminology and expectations to help ensure successful Effort Reporting engagement.