What Is the Service?

MSU NetIDs are assigned to all current faculty, staff, students and retirees. For these persons, the NetID is a unique 2-8 character alphanumeric identifier auto-generated from the user's name.

Your NetID is your personal identifier at MSU and serves as your login to many university computing and networking services. For faculty, staff, students and retirees, your NetID also determines your MSU email address which is (e.g. the NetID spartan would have the email address

An MSU employee can request to have a NetID generated for an affiliated person. These NetIDs are not generated from the user’s name and have more limited initial access including no access to MSU email. Access to some MSU systems can be requested once an affiliate NetID is generated.

For the most up to date information about NetIDs, please visit

Commonly Used Actions

  • Request a PIN:
    Request a PIN to activate your MSU NetID for the first time using either option below:
    • Faster Option Call the MSU ID Office at 517-355-4500 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-4:45pm EST)
    • If you are a department hiring manager, you may use the Request a PIN form to request a PIN for a new employee.
  • Request a NetID for an Affiliated Person:
    • Persons who are affiliated with MSU may have their affiliated department request a login-only Affiliate NetID. An Affiliate NetID will not have email access but the sponsoring department can request login access to MSU systems. The Affiliate NetIDs have a start and end date and do not incur a fee. Request a login for an Affiliated Person by clicking here.
    • Persons not affiliated with MSU are not eligible to receive a NetID.
  • Request a NetID Change:
    • Current and future employees and students can request to have their existing NetID changed to a new NetID.
    • Former employees, former students and affiliated persons are not eligible to request a NetID change at the NetID site (
  • Disable a NetID:
    • Non-current students and employees can request to have their NetID disabled using the Disable a NetID form.

Additional Information

Visit for more information.

Report Duplicate ID Request a NetID for an Affiliated Person PIN Request for New Employee (Departmental Use Only) Request a NetID Change Disable a NetID

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MSU graduates, former students, former employees, or retirees can have their MSU NetID disabled. Current MSU Faculty, Staff, and Students are not allowed to disable their official MSU NetID.
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Service Offerings (5)

Report Duplicate ID
Report a duplicate ID(s) for an individual so that the duplicate record(s) can be merged into a single entry
NetID for an Affiliated Person
Persons who are affiliated with MSU but are not employees, students or retirees may have a need for an MSU login. This type of login must be sponsored by a current MSU employee.
Request a PIN
All MSU faculty, staff, and affiliated persons need a 4-digit PIN is needed to activate a NetID for the first-time.
NetID Change
Request that an existing NetID be changed on the NetID site
Disable a NetID
Disable your own NetID which is no longer needed.