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What Is the Service?

MSU Information Technology offers network consulting, engineering, and installation services for MSU departments and units on and off campus. Network services include wired and wireless network design and installation.

Departments may request changes and additions to wired or wireless networking service. Departmental wireless networks are various custom wireless networks for university needs across campus. These are limited to MSU IT deployment in specific areas for specific purposes in collaboration with MSU departments.

The primary MSU wired and Wi-Fi network is available across campus and is accessed by those with MSU NetIDs. This network requires DHCP registration of the system with the network and MSU NetID login. The MSUnet Wireless Guest network is intended for use by visitors and users without an MSU NetID.

Add IP Address Space Data Center Network Data/Ethernet Outlet Network Consultation Network Unblock

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Service Offerings (5)

Add IP Address Space
Request additional IP addresses or need IP addresses for a new building or a new portion of your building network.
Data Center Network
Request changes to the network for a data center.
Data/Ethernet Outlet
Request a new data/ethernet outlet be installed.
Network Consultation
Request a consultation regarding network needs for MSU departments and units on and off campus. These services include providing network and wireless designs and estimates for small to large projects, including network upgrades and remodels to full building network installations.
Network Unblock
Connections are typically blocked if your system is identified to be causing harm to the campus network or is violating the MSU Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This form should be used by individuals who understand what needs to be done to clean and repair their systems.