D2L (through Brightspace) is MSU’s main supported online learning management system. NOTE: Two-factor authentication is turned on for all faculty members using D2L.

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Sometimes filters may inadvertently hide messages. Removing the filter makes them visible.
This error can affect courses where the gradebook is set to drop the lowest score from items that do not have the same point total.
When you attempt to log in to D2L, you receive an error: "There Was a Problem Processing Authentication, Either Username or Password Was Invalid or Your Account Does Not Exist".
Turnitin is only able to scan certain file types to check for similarity/plagiarism. This error is returned when the assignment has Turnitin enabled and the file does not meet its restrictions.
This goes over some of the basics of D2l Gradebooks, including terminology.
Following these steps will add or update a SCORM/xAPI object to a course in D2L.
Following these steps will add users to a given course in D2L.
Following these steps will enable D2L to send popup windows to your browser, which may be necessary for certain course content.
Following these steps will enable you to attach a file to a topic in a group forum in D2L
Following these steps will change the role of a selected individual within a D2L course.
Following these steps will change the End Date for a course in D2L, affecting when students will be able to see and access it.
Following these steps will change the grading scale on a D2L course to be on a standard 4.0 scale.
A Submission Folder is sometimes referred to as a dropbox. Follow these steps to create one for your course in D2L.
This document gives the steps a Course Administrator would need to take to create or remove a development course or community


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