Offerings that relate to the management of academic course materials (e.g., videos, documents, spreadsheets) and that facilitate teaching and learning using online portals. Includes learning management systems and other learning platforms, as well as services that provide on-demand, usually modular skills-based learning to employees and/or students.

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beSocratic is a flexible, web-based system that can recognize and respond to free-form student input. Students can respond naturally to questions posed by the system using a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen or pen, and receive appropriate feedback on their wo


The iThenticate application helps evaluate research and grant writing by faculty, staff, and graduate students.


Mura CMS, it is easy to create as many layout templates as you wish to format your theme pages in. Layout templates are assigned to your Mura pages within the site manager.

Spartan Experience Record

Previously called Co-Curricular Record

Student Perceptions of Learning Survey (SPLS)

Student Perceptions of Learning Survey​​​​​​​ (SPLS) collects feedback from every student in every credit-bearing course for every term.