Spartan 365

What Is the Service?

Spartan Mail and related Spartan 365 software, including applications located at and downloaded Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), are provided to students while they attend the university and to faculty and staff members while they are employed by the university.

Spartan 365 Service Offering

Depending upon your affiliation with the university, you may receive a variety of Office 365 services in addition to your email account such as OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and Office Downloads for your home computer. Your affiliation also impacts the duration of your access to these applications. Most services will remain in place only as long as your are a current MSU student, faculty, or staff member.

Spartan Mail Access After Leaving the University

  • Any student who graduates with a degree after June 2015 is currently allowed to retain access to their Spartan Mail email account.
  • Any employee who officially retires (according to HR) from the University is allowed to to retain access to their Spartan Mail email account.

All other individuals will lose access to their email account. More information is available at:

Spartan 365 Software Access After Leaving the University

Once an individual leaves the University, they will lose access to the Office 365 software, including Office downloads.

This applies to all individuals, even those who have retired from the University or received a degree.

Changes to Access to Spartan 365 After Leaving MSU

Individuals will receive notice that licenses are being removed or adjusted once they are no longer a current student, faculty, or staff.

Before individuals leave the university, they should migrate any data that is needed to other sources. For more information on migrating your data see:

Additional Information

Please note that Michigan State University's license with Microsoft only allows licenses for current students, faculty, staff, retirees, and alumni who earned degrees after June 2015. Once you are no longer affiliated with the university, you can continue to use Microsoft services if you purchase them directly from Microsoft or a local retailer.

More information is available at

Reporting Issues or Requesting a Temporary Extension

If you believe you erroneously received a message that your Spartan 365 (Microsoft) license is being changed or removed because you are still a current student, faculty, staff, or other employee, you can use the option on this page to report that you believe you are misclassified.

If you need additional time to move your data to another source, you can request a one-time license extension using the option on this page.

Request a Shared Mailbox or Calendar Request a SharePoint Site Submit Spartan Bookings Request Go to Spartan Mail Request New Spartan Team Report Misclassification Request a One-Time License Extension

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Service Offerings (7)

Request a Shared Mailbox or Calendar
Use this form to request a new shared mailbox for MSU faculty or staff.
Request a SharePoint Site
Use this form to request a Spartan SharePoint Site. Please read the SharePoint Guiding Principles before requesting a site:
Spartan Bookings Request
Use this form to request a Spartan Bookings. For more information on Spartan Bookings use this link:
Spartan Teams Request
Use this form to request a Spartan Team for faculty, staff, or students.
Report Misclassification
If you have received a notification that your access will be changing and you meet the criteria to retain access, report the misclassification and request your account be reviewed.
Request a One-Time License Extension
If you have received a notification that your access will be changing and you do not meet the criteria to retain access, you may also request a one-time extension.